Drupal 8's functional JavaScript testing just got better with visibility

Drupal level: advanced

Yesterday a patch for Inline Form Errors landed in Drupal, which as a by-product, brought us a new useful testing possibility: we can now more easily write tests that check if elements on a webpage are actually really visible in the viewport. The visibility of page elements in different scenarios is important for the usability and accessibility of your site.


So you decided to start using a CDN provider for your website. A good idea! But a lot of CDN providers use a custom URL that you should CNAME when everything is set up properly.

For instance Fastly and Cloudfront two big CDN providers.

When I want to add this website to Fastly they will give me the URL: www.triquanta.nl.global.prod.fastly.net
For Cloudfront it will be something like: d67something714.cloudfront.net

Going Dutch: stemming in Apache Solr


So, stemming, what is stemming? Generally speaking, stemming is finding the basic form of a word. For example, in the sentence "he walks" the verb is inflected by adding a "s" to it. In this case the stem is "walk" which, in English, also happens to be the infinitive of the verb.

We will first present a few examples of stemming in natural language, and since Dutch is my native language I will concentrate on Dutch examples.

What the fq? A short summary of Solr query fields.

#And how to use them in Drupal

A popular search engine for Drupal is Apache Solr. Although installation and configuration of Solr can be done almost completely via the Drupal Admin UI, in some cases it can be very instructive to see and understand what data is sent to and from Solr when a search is done from Drupal.

First place to look when using Solr inside Tomcat is the log file of Tomcat, usually /var/log/tomcat6/catalina.out. If this file is not present in this directory on your system use

Solr 5: First look


Setting up Solr5

Solr 5 is now a stand-alone service and it is no longer necessary to run it in a container like Tomcat. The advantage of this is that Tomcat does not have to be installed any longer, which simplifies maintaining and securing the server Solr is running on.

Installation is also much simpler:

Automatically switch Drush versions per project

Now that Drush has become standard equipment in every developer's toolbox, and Drupal 8 is around the corner, you may find yourself asking "Which Drush version should I use?" While Drush 6 has a stable release, only Drush 7 can be used with Drupal 8. Usually, I use Drush 7. It works well with both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8, and even though is doesn't have a stable release yet, it feels pretty stable to me.

DrupalCon Amsterdam, 2014

Come to think of it, I almost decided not to go to the RAI in the morning! All the official sessions are over since thursday and yesterday there was only ‘codesprinting’ left. This is where you can help contributing to the Drupal community in an informal setting with other Drupal users.

Drupalcon Prague

From the 23rd to the 27th of September the annual DrupalCon was held in Prague. DrupalCon is the biggest Drupal event in Europe. This year there were 1840 attendees! The Drupal community is awesome and it again became clear that this community is the greatest asset of Drupal.
In this post a short summary of things that are worth mentioning.


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